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Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival in Davao City Philippines this August 2012

Davao comes alive with the celebration of the “Kadayawan sa Dabaw”. The Kadayawan is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture and history, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. The festival pays tribute to Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage. Exciting events include the search for the “HIyas sa Kadayawan “. The festival symbol who will represent the MIndanawon fashion and floral arts, river festival, indigenous music exhibition, dance competitions, trade fair, food and music parties, street dancing, and floral float parade. (Every 3rd week of August) . This weeklong celebration coincides with the harvest of fruits, such as the durian, lanzones, mangosteen and rambutan, and the bloom of the Waling- waling, the “Queen of Orchids.”

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Major thoroughfare are set ablaze with tribal dances and music with the “Indak indak sa Kadalanan” (street dancing), a spectacle of graceful performers in ethnic- inspired garments, and the Floral Float Parade, which features floral and agricultural bounties.

The festival showcases Mindanao’s arts and culture heritage with ethno-cultural presentations, agro-industrial trade fair, festivals expo, tribal music, dance competitions, food fiesta, horsefight, river festival, world music festival, street parties, concerts. (

A Mandaya word which means for anything that brings a fortune, a derivative from the primitive word “dayaw”, meaning good, or “madayaw”, a warm and friendly Mandaya greeting, also used in describing a thing that is valuable, superior, bountiful or profitable.

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Davao City Kadayawan Festival 2012

Davao City Kadayawan Festival 2012

Kadayawan Festival 2012! Are You Ready?

Are your ready for the most Spectacular Festival in the Philippines? Kadayawan Festival 2012 in Davao city is being prepared for much better and much bigger festival to explode this year in Davao City!

What is Kadayawan Festival?

The term Kadayawan was derived from the Dabawenyo word “Dayaw” which basically means “Excellent, Great, Superb, Valuable, and Beautiful” or simply pertains as a Greeting Word.

Kadayawan Festival 2012, and All the Kadayawan Festivals celebrated from the past years in Davao City expresses gratitude of Dabaweños for the blessings they are receiving from nature, cultural wealth, bounty of harvests, and by merely having a peaceful life in Davao City.

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What to expect in Kadayawan Festival:

1. Floral Float Parade – Amazingly beatiful floats designed skillfully using mainly flowers, and a few other materials and ornaments, parading through the city.

2. Indak-Indakan Sa Kadalan – This most anticipated event of the Kadayawan Festival is a colorful and vivid, Street dancing competition featuring the common tribes of Davao City wearing their traditional tribal suites.

3. Hiyas sa Kadayawan – A beauty pageant with the stunningly beautiful young ladies from different tribes in Davao City.

4. Exhibits and Trade Fairs – Island Tourism services, products of interest and skillful handicrafts will be on display.

5. Other Activities in Kadayawan Festival 2012 composed of:
– Nightly Street Parties
– Cultural Performances
– Sporting Events and Fun Competitions
– Concerts

This years Kadayawan Festival:
– The festival will be held on its usual celebration period that falls within the third week of August.
– Kadayawan Festival 2012 will become more unique and extravagant as it will be in time with Muslims Greatest Festivals “Eidl Fitr” or the post Ramadan.
– A very beautiful flower “The Queen of Philippine Orchids” known also as “Waling-Waling” in the Philippines that blooms only once per year shall be seen and will take part as one of the major surprises for this coming Kadayawan Festival 2012 in Davao City!

Reports more about Kadayawan Festival 2012 which as of the moment hasn’t yet finalized shall be posted here accordingly!

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