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Davao Culinary Tour this August!

It’s going to be my first time to join a Food/Culinary Tour. Being a Kapampangan (from the province of Pampanga, the Culinary center of the Philippines), I love food! I love sauce and delicacies which I think where Kapampangan stands outs. I don’t know what to expect but I am hoping to experience Davao with the food lined up for this tour.

I’m going in the Kadayawan Festival this 2012 and will be joining Grace Plata and her friends in a food tour around Davao. If you want to join us, below is the full itinerary.
PACKAGE RATE:  Php 1,999.00 per person
August 16 Dinner at Swiss Deli
  • Proudly Davao-made deli products (cold cuts and sausages)
  •  Malagos Farmhouse Cheese & Bignay Wine
  • Full Meal (Appetizer to Dessert + Wine)
August 17
  • 5am-10am – Breakfast at Paradise Island Resort
  • (Meet at the Paradise Dock, Sasa Davao City)
  • Samal Island
  • ***Participants can enjoy a quick dip before and after breakfast
  • Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp.
  • Edcil’s Sutokil
  • Sugba, Tola, Kinilaw
  • Buffet
  • Tiny Kitchen
  • Tricycle Ride to Claudio, short walk to Davao Pasalubong Center
  • Jeepney ride to Aldevinco Shopping Center (Pasalubong)
  • Short walk to Chippens Cafe
  • Old-time favorite snacks made the Davao way
  • Mode of Transportation on August 17 is mixed (Cab, Tricycle and Jeepney)
  • Transportation Cost included in Tour Rate
Here is a word from the tour coordinator:
I can assure all those going for the full trip will not regret it. Davao can indeed be a gourmand’s paradise not just because of the abundant raw materials but because a lot of really great chef’s have chosen to settle here and most of them have opened restaurants. Swiss Deli is a prime example of that.
You can reach Grace Plata at these numbers: 0908.947.1124 or 0932.367.7524.
Are you going? Do let me know if you are joining. I would be interested to hang out with Tripsiders friends.
See yah!

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Kadayawan Festival 2012

Kadayawan Festival 2012

The Kadayawan festival 2012 is an annual festival in the Philippines that takes place in the city of Davao. The purpose of the festival is to celebrate life and the blessings the people experienced over the past year. The origins of this festival go back to ancient times when Davao’s ethnic tribes would meet after a successful harvest in order to thank the “Manama”, or supreme being for their blessings.

Kadayawan Festival 2012 Events

Kadayawan festival 2012 will be held in August like it is every year and it will include the Agro Industrial fair, floral showcases, street parties filled with excitement, floral float parade, crowning of the festival’s queen and the meeting of Philippines’ indigenous tribes and their lively musical concerts. This year’s Kadayawan festival will be held from August 17-19. The commercialized version of this festival started in the 1980s and it draws millions around the world. Davao, where the festival is held, has moderate weather all year round and this leads to consistent fertile land for the growing and harvesting of plants and crops. Another key feature of the Kadayawan festival is the horse fights, but you may not like this if you’re not a fan of animal fighting.


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If you want to experience the glamour and historical significance of the Kadayawan festival, you should plan at least a year in advance. Purchase some travel books about the Philippines and the city of Davao and read some online articles about traveling to the Philippines. If you have friends from the Philippines, ask them about what to expect at the Kadayawan festival. If you’re unable to travel to the festival, you can watch Youtube videos of the festival.

When you arrive in the Philippines, you want to keep safety in mind. Don’t go in dark and isolated areas of the city at night and never bring your wallet or a purse when you’re in a crowd of people because it puts you in the sight of pickpocketers. Be mindful of the city’s rules and treat the natives with a respectful and pleasant attitude. Ask questions about the festival while visiting and don’t be afraid to visit restaurants and clubs that are off the beaten path as you want to avoid the touristy venues.

In conclusion, Kadayawan festival 2012 is about the celebration of life and blessings so you want to arrive at the
festival ready to savor and learn about the Philippines’s indigenous roots and heritage. The Kadayawan festival is also a time when you get to see a side of the Philippines that is not always seen in tourist brochures or travel magazines.

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Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival

Kadayawan Festival in Davao City Philippines this August 2012

Davao comes alive with the celebration of the “Kadayawan sa Dabaw”. The Kadayawan is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture and history, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. The festival pays tribute to Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage. Exciting events include the search for the “HIyas sa Kadayawan “. The festival symbol who will represent the MIndanawon fashion and floral arts, river festival, indigenous music exhibition, dance competitions, trade fair, food and music parties, street dancing, and floral float parade. (Every 3rd week of August) . This weeklong celebration coincides with the harvest of fruits, such as the durian, lanzones, mangosteen and rambutan, and the bloom of the Waling- waling, the “Queen of Orchids.”

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Major thoroughfare are set ablaze with tribal dances and music with the “Indak indak sa Kadalanan” (street dancing), a spectacle of graceful performers in ethnic- inspired garments, and the Floral Float Parade, which features floral and agricultural bounties.

The festival showcases Mindanao’s arts and culture heritage with ethno-cultural presentations, agro-industrial trade fair, festivals expo, tribal music, dance competitions, food fiesta, horsefight, river festival, world music festival, street parties, concerts. (

A Mandaya word which means for anything that brings a fortune, a derivative from the primitive word “dayaw”, meaning good, or “madayaw”, a warm and friendly Mandaya greeting, also used in describing a thing that is valuable, superior, bountiful or profitable.

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